Barcelona –

VIOSO, a company based in Düsseldorf, and LANG IBERIA from Barcelona are entering into a cooperation for the Spanish and Portuguese market.

This means that customers in Spain and Portugal can now purchase or rent software and hardware solutions as a complete solution for professional projection with LANG IBERIA.

“VIOSO’s portfolio is complemented perfectly by our products. Among other things, we trade and work with high-performance projectors up to 50K lumens. With VIOSO, we offer our customers a fascinating software and hardware solution to realise the most complex projection solutions,” says Guillem Niñerola Hähnle, Director Rental & Sales LANG IBERIA.

Thanks to VIOSO auto-calibration, results can be realised quickly and precisely. The system not only offers impeccable quality of visualisation solutions, but also a very user-friendly GUI.

Demanding projects with the use of a multitude of projectors and 3-dimensional surfaces such as buildings or mountains thus become a manageable challenge. The implementation of the mapping project in QIDDIYA with 84 high-performance projectors caused absolute fascination among the audience.

“With LANG IBERIA, we are winning a partner who enjoys great trust among customers in that region and has enormous technical expertise. We are looking forward to many challenging projects with our new colleagues,” adds Raul Vandenberg, Sales Director VIOSO.

Produce. Map. Play. Control and interact. VIOSO’s software is intuitive, powerful and flexible, meeting the special demands of live shows as well as solutions for fixed installations.

In the integration market, VIOSO autocalibration is considered a state-of-the-art application for complex projection solutions. In fixed installations such as museums, art installations, domes and mappings as well as in ultra high definition applications. Special demands on precision in applications such as simulators for aviation are understood and controlled by VIOSO.

Also in VR applications there are no limits with VIOSO. The company offers support in simulation setups with tracking, stereocopy and frustrum correction for the best VR experience for the viewer to experience the experience from their own perspective.

The VIOSO software solution is fully integratable and works with plugin integration for most existing servers and solutions such as UNREAL, Pixera, Ioversal, Unity 3D, Deltaservern, Dataton, rfpro, coolux, Barco projectors and many more.

LANG IBERIA and VIOSO will also offer seminars & trainings in the near future. To stay informed, please register for our newsletter.


The projection magicians of VIOSO provide you with fascinating software solutions for your multi projector / multi display setups. Our products make the setup of installations like panorama displays, projections and projection mapping incredibly easy and reliable – including our famous patented VIOSO autoalignment technology.

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