Sachtler Tripod System 25 CF

For a professional camera-daily-routine, the Sachtler Tripod System 25 CF consisting of the Sachtler EFP2 Stativ, the Sachtler Video 25 Plus head and Dolly S will be the first choice
The Video 25 Plus head convinces with its 7th-ary, temperature-independent damping.
Even under a maximum load, it copes with inclinations of up to 90° due to more than 18 equilibration possibilities.
While the vernier adjustment works by a shiftable half elastic force via rocking lever, the well-known adjusting knob is tunable in 9 different steps
and therefore responsible for the rough-adjustment.
In the darkness, the bubble touch will help to level the camera. For the self-luminous vial, commercial batteries are necessary.

The EFP 2 tripod comes with a 2-fold-pullout and a quick-clamping.
Next to the bottom-spider, one can also integrate a adjustable middle-spider into the 150mm-stand.
The dual-tube-pullout gives a terrific stability to the EFP 2-tripods and therefore they did not corrode or deform themselves,
although they are at the same time very light and robust.
In addition, its ergonomic design guarantees a comfortable and fast installation and dismounting and is comfortably touchable,
even at extreme heat.


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