Funjinon UA18x7.6BERD-S10 4K lens

Capture sports, news, and outdoor ENG footage with the UHD 4K 7.6-137mm f/1.8 ENG Zoom Lens with 2x Extender & S10 Drive from Fujinon, a 7.6 to 137mm zoom lens offering 4K capture in a lightweight, compact form. This wide-to-telephoto 18x zoom doubles to 48x or 15.2 to 274mm when you engage its built-in 2x extender. The lens now comes with the updated S10 drive unit, which features even smoother performance, new firmware, more precise focus/zoom/iris control, minimal focus breathing, and automatic calibration.

The digital-servo UA18x7.6BERD features a well-balanced design for handheld use, 16-bit encoding in the S10 drive unit for virtual system use, and a wide aperture for smooth, natural bokeh. Features include a zoom limit with an override switch, selectable zoom modes, a zoom speed cruise feature, and an adjustable maximum speed limit. The 4K Premier series 4K zoom lens also offers anti-backlash gearing for precise servo control and serial digital control of focus, iris, and zoom.

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