Analog Way VIO4k – next generation

The VIO 4K Next Generation is a powerful multi-format converter which belongs to the latest generation of digital interfaces and the highest resolution formats. The innovation is especially characterized by the option boards provided by Analog Way. By upgrading the optional boards such as the OPT-4K60P-VIO 4K and the OPT-4K60P-SDI-VIO4K, which are installed in this model, all “Next Generation” interfaces such as DP1.2, HDMI 2.0 or 12G – SDI can be used. A perfect symmetry between the input and output connectors, leads to a high-end cross-conversion because the converter is designed to provide the best possible versatility. Also, advanced LED applications are no longer difficult to master because the VIO 4K Next Generation is equipped with 2 additional video boards, making it easy to deal with every challenge in this branch of industry. This results in a progressed management of digital and analogue audio signals.