BrightSign HD Media Player4K242 WiFi

BrightSign 4K242 is a powerful yet affordable, solid-state 4K digital sign player that includes a highly robust 4K video engine capable
of dual 4K and Full HD decoding simultaneously.
It also offers abundant content support including HTML5, live media feeds, IP streaming, and more.
The GPIO port offers basic interactivity, while the Ethernet port supports networked interactivity for synchronized video walls,
mobile device interactivity and messaging between BrightSign and third-party devices using UDP commands.
The networking capability also supports remote content updates and BrightSign Network.

The Wireless Module enables BrightSign XD and 4K models to network using Wi-Fi.
It supports 802.11a/b/g/n protocols.

Plays native 4K, H.265, 10-bit video @ 60fps via HDMI 2.0 (4:2:0)
Powerful Video Engine with dual decoding of one 4K (3840×2160@60p) and one Full HD (1920×1080@60p) video simultaneously
Power over Ethernet: POE+ (Type 2)
BrightSign’s fastest and most powerful graphics processing and HTML5 engine
Abundant support of content including HTML5, Live feeds, video walls, IP streaming, 3D and more
Basic interactivity via GPIOs and UDP commands